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Sequencers are program having capabilities to record midi and audio datas in the same environnement.

Audio editors have very often only minimal functions. It's less and less necessary to complete this kind of software with an external audio editor.

Some of the biggest products (logic, Cubase...) have got real time effect technology. This one can be totally proprietary (like logic or cubase) or based upon an open architecture like Microsoft DirectX (cakewalk).
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Cakewalk Web Link
This software is on of the three most populars softwares for PC. Very complete and stable. [2-/-0/2017]
Cubase VST Web Link
This software is one of the three most popular softwares for windows. Very complete, it's Virtual Studio Technology allow to record midi, audio, mix, add effects, and so on.Cubase VST is a midi and audio sequencer. It features realtime editing, unlimited MIDI tracks, Phrase Synthesizer, Video Playback, Drum Editor, AutoAccompaniment, Graphical Mastertrack Editor, DirectX effects, 24bit 96kHz support, 4 Eqs per channel, 8 aux sends, Rewire, and lots more. [2-/-0/2017]
Logic Audio Web Link $ 900
This midi+audio sequencer is one of the 3 best sellers softwares for Windows. The real time architecture allows mixing and effects in real time with audio. Features: Up to 128 audio tracks, Virtuallly unlimited midi tracks, DirectX plugin support, 16 and 24 bit audio file support, Multiple Hardware support, interactive scoring, 960ppq timing, track rendering and bouncing, user definable keysets, realtime editing, multiple views, realtime effects, automation and more ... [2-/-0/2017]
Quartz AudioMaster Pro 4.6 Web Link $ 199
Quartz AudioMaster Pro is a powerful though easy-to-use Audio Direct-toDisk and Midi Sequencer running under Windows 95/98/NT/2000. It features 128 stereo audio tracks, 128 Midi tracks, effect plug-ins, DirectX support, per-track parametric EQ and Dynamics (compressor/limiter/Noise Gate) for audio, per-track Midi effector and real-time controllers for Midi, 8 Aux buses, Video sync, Score, GM/GS/XG, Lyrics, and 'Piano roll' editors, Master and Slave Sync and all the functionalities required to easily share musical projects across the internet up to its multi-track compressed file format and Digital Sound Planet Virtual Studios. [2-/-0/2017]
Band In a Box Web Link
Band-in-a-Box is an automatic Midi Accompaniment and spontaneous Soloist program. Type in the chords to a song using standard chord symbols (C, Fm7, C13b9), pick a style and press play. Band-in-a-Box then generates an accompaniment of bass, drums, piano, guitar and strings. You can also view the music in standard notation and print out leadsheets. [2-/-0/2017]
Cakewalk Guitar Studio Web Link $ 199
Cakewalk Guitar Studio features production of guitar based music with full accompaniment. Record, edit and mix up to 8 tracks of audio along with MIDI, Compose and arrange MIDI tracks with the Virtual Fretboard, Full Effects plugin support,create full scores with guitar chords and lyric sheets, support for Roland GR-30 Guitar Synth. [2-/-0/2017]
Voyetra Digital Orchestrator Web Link
Very good seqencing program with audio support. [2-/-0/2017]
STORM Music Studio Web Link $ 149
Storm Music Studio is music creation software, which emulates a real recording studio with all of its devices: synthesizers, drum machines, sample player, audio recorder, effects, mixing table, sequencer,... It's a complete all-in-one software solution for music composition, both modular and real time, providing you with no less than 23 modules: 13 virtual instruments and 10 real-time effects. You choose first the modules you wish to use, drag & drop them onto the virtual rack, and in a few seconds your studio is ready: you can start composing at once. Real-time effects, an integrated sequencer, a powerful tool to change keys in your melodies, compatibility with VST and Rewire standards, and full automation of the studio provide you with the flexibility, power and control for making electronic music compositions. [2-/-0/2017]
Music Master VS Web Link $ 370
Music Master VS is a sequencing, audio and notation program. The 'VS' version is the top of Datasonic's line and includes graphical support for the Roland VS-880 Digital Workstation. Features : 8 virtual audio tracks, full notation capabilies, MMC, MTC and MIDI sync, full control of EQ, automated mixdown, custom window for the 30 V-Xpanded effects, infinite Undo/Redo, quantize to formula or groove, piano roll editor, Auto drum notation, automatic chord analysis and more. [2-/-0/2017]
Modularing Electronic Music Software Web Link $ 99
MODULARING Electronic Music Software is a collection of elementary modules to build your own musical system for composing and performing live. Stand-alone applications such as sequencers, real-time synthesizers and samplers, to make electronic music. [2-/-0/2017]
GenieSys Visual Quantizer v1.0 Web Link $ 50
 GenieSys Vizual Quantizer is implemented as MIDI-FX plug-in for famous Cakewalk/Sonar and have the following advantages: Visual control of all quantization parameters; The visual control of input midi-data (statistic control); Combination of usual quantizing and quantizing by template functionalities in the same interface; Simultaneous qantization of triplets and tuplets; Ability to define different types of exclusions from quantization, i.e. define MIDI notes that remain untouched after the process; Ability to groove-quantize. Quantization is made by application of a particular Groove (or shift mask) to the data in MIDI track [2-/-0/2017]
Vision Windows Web Link
Midi and audio recording, sequencing plus real time effects. From Opcode Systems. [2-/-0/2017]
MusicShop Web Link
This Opcode product can record, edit, playback and print music with your mac or PC. [2-/-0/2017]
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