Many softwares allows the use of Internet to work with people on the same piece of music. It is difficult to use the Network to gig in real time, it is however possible to work by exchanging parts of the same piece with many musicians.
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Res Rocket 1.4 MIDI Collaboration Software Web Link
Way back when, we created some proof-of-concept MIDI collaboration software. It's still live, but totally unsupported. [1-/-1/2018]
Digital Sound Planet Virtual Studios Web Link
Digital Sound Planet provides online Virtual Studios for music/audio creation and sharing as well as a FREE Showroom for exposing final productions. A FREE online studio is made available to each people registering at Digital Sound Planet (registration is also free). Together with a set of FREEWARE programs including required features to share projects, Digital Sound Planet offers the simplest way to start project creation and sharing right away without spending a single dime! The number of DSP members, at the end of April 2001, potentially available to help you enrich your projects, was already more than 11000! They are all musicians or audio fans from all around the world and the number keeps on increasing day after day at an incredible rate, so come and join! [1-/-1/2018]
Digital Sound Planet Loops Web Link
Digital Sound Planet provides online audio loops for music creation, in different musical styles. These loops, recorded by professional musicians, and acidized, are sound material ready to be downloaded and used in your favorite applications ! Some are FREELY DOWNLOADABLE, as well as demos using these loops. [1-/-1/2018]
Amateur guitarists Web Link
songs in mp3 played by amateur guitarists [1-/-1/2018]
Crossloader Web Link
Crossloader is a free music file exchange plateform for open minded musicians (up and download your original soft synth, midi, mp3... files, loops, sounds) ... to keep the copyleft attitude alive! [1-/-1/2018]
Digital Improvization Web Link
'Digital Improvization' is a great technology listening to music [1-/-1/2018]
SS7X7 LiveJam Web Link
Livejam is where the groove is always organic and users can interact together musically. Livejam 797 is the latest in the series of SS7X7 mixers, but what it does differently is it allows any two people anywhere on the net to jam together. There is also an integrated chat function to keep track of who is doing what. So email your friends, setup a jam session and start mixing it up. In order to be able to mix the music online, you need to have the shockwave plugin for Director 7. [1-/-1/2018]
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