From MP3 conversion to midi connections tests, your installation needs tools. This page is for software tools.
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Disk2File: The sampler archiving tool Here! $ 30
Disk2File is a must have utility for sampler users. It can read any SCSI sample media and write it into an ISO image file, ready to record with yout favorite CD recording app. With disk2file, you can backup most of the known samplers. It actually supports Emu, Yamaha (A 3000), Akai (S1xxx, S2xxx, S3xxx) and Roland media formats. [0-/-1/2015]
PAS Spectrum Analysis Web Link $ 150
PAS Spectrum Analysis PRO is a stand-alone spectrum analyser. Features: FFT-Lengths from 16 to 2048, Spectrum represented by Bars, Lines, Dots or scrolling, Project preferance files, Analysis of live inputs or WAV files, Built-in generator monitors balance between input and output, Recording of the Critical Data with display of Amp, db, & frequency, 3D Wavelet Transform Display, sync to loop and more. [0-/-1/2015]
Analyzer 2000 Web Link $ 98
Analyser 2000 is a high resolution Time-Frequency Analyzer. Features : Fast spectral analysis with FFT display, FFT sizes from 256 to 16384 points, dynamic range up to 160 dB, graphical zoom up to 32:1, Time analysis with oscilloscope and envelope display, Sonagraphic analysis, Marker measurement tools, frequency rulers, Easy determination of THD, SNR (SINAD) and VCO phase noise (dBc/Hz), Multi morse decoder, Client-Server architecture, TCP/IP server for remote operation via LAN/WAN. Works with Win9x & NT [0-/-1/2015]
Pinguin Audio Meter Web Link $ 294
Pinguin Audio Meter is a set of audio monitoring tools. It includes a high resolution digital peak meter, full spectrum analyser, phase correlation meter and a stereo field oscilloscope. Features realtime operation, configurable view layout and sample rate selection between 44/48kHz. [0-/-1/2015]
PAS EQ Studio Web Link $ 149
PAS EQ Studio is a stand-alone EQ and spectrum analyser. It features : programmable 31 band display, Automatic Calculation of Band Frequencies, Programmable Q-factor, Eq'ing of live input in realtime, sync to loop, Comparison Analysis for calibrating the faders and more. [0-/-1/2015]
RPG Room Optimizer Web Link
Room Optimizer utilizes modern prediction techniques to achieve the smoothest and flattest response in a rectangular room. Just enter the dimensions of your room, the type of monitors you use, type of system (stereo, surround, THX) etc, and the program will tell you exactly where to place the monitors and the listener in the room, along with suggestions for placing acoustic treatment materials. It's the first Windows program to simultaneously optimize the SBIR and modal coupling. [0-/-1/2015]
Scope DSP Web Link $ 60
Scope DSPô can generate, read, write, window, and plot sampled-data signals. Its Arbitrary-N FFT algorithm performs Time-Frequency conversion. Many statistics in Time and Frequency can be calculated. These features, plus a highly refined graphical user interface, make ScopeDSP the premier spectral analysis software tool for use by professionals working in practical applications of Digital Signal Processing. [0-/-1/2015]
Scope FIR Web Link $ 100
ScopeFIRô can design complex Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters using the Parks-McClellan algorithm or windowing. It can mix, scale, quantize, and edit the coefficients of the FIR filter. [0-/-1/2015]
01vU Software Web Link $ 45
01vU Software allow you to show all the vumeters of a Yamaha 01v Mixing console on you computer screen ; even if you are setting up other things using the 01v' LCD screen ! [0-/-1/2015]
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