From MP3 conversion to midi connections tests, your installation needs tools. This page is for software tools.
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psycle 1.5b2r3 Web Link
PSYCLE is an Opensource 4th generation VST tracker. version 1.5b2r3 is available, with lots of improvements making PSYCLE a complete musical production and composition tool. i you want to know more about PSYCLE, please visit -psycledelics- the PSYCLE community site, by following the link. note that PSYCLE community is very active and future versions are already planned. [1-/-1/2018]
Sonogram visible Sound Web Link
Sonogram is a stand alone tool to analysis speech and soundsignal with methods of Fourier transformation and Linear Prediction (LPC) wich is used in speechrecognition. His goal is to find Formants in Speakdata analyse Sound and Videofiles and generate 3dimensional surfaceplots. It was able to open any Mediafile that's supported on Java Media Framework (most Video and Audioformats are supported, see here for details). All Formats are playable. It is written in Java 2 , so it runs on any OS where JMF and JAva3D are ported. You can run it simply with 'java -cp kunststoff.jar:. Sonogramm' or with Startscript for your OS. It was tested on Windows Linux and Solaris. You must have installed Java2, Java Media Framework and Java3D !!! (download free from [1-/-1/2018]
DC.EE Music.Converters Web Link
41 tools for music conversion. [1-/-1/2018]
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