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| Commercial | Freeware | Misc. | Open Source (GPL) | Shareware | : electronique et black music Web Link
Catch up with our multimedia interviews; Transform mix your computer into a music machine, with live shows; samples or remix existing tracks; put together your own music programme using Pick'n'mix. [1-/-1/2018]
Mab-X-Music: A.Mabeix composer - Multimedia Music Web Link
Music for Multimedia The composer Alexandre Mabeix presents music for films, animations, TV, flash ... [1-/-1/2018]
Manella Web Link
Manella is a french web band... you can download all our mp3 [1-/-1/2018]
Bjork's Remix Web Link
Remix of Bjork's Vespertine by Deepsound. Free Mp3 to download and stream ! [1-/-1/2018] Web Link
Alternative label from Paris [1-/-1/2018]
zproduction Web Link
Listen and choose professionals artists for concerts and events. French language only. [1-/-1/2018]
Ecart de Conduite Web Link
The web site of the band 'Ecart de Conduite' [1-/-1/2018]
Le cri Modulaire Web Link
This French site gives direct downloads to music, samples, sound banks and much more. [1-/-1/2018]
D-Conztrakt Web Link
This site wants to get a solid group of creative, and preferably industrial, musical minds out there on the internet connected through a mutual digital artery, henceforth known as 'd-conztrakt.' its goal is to bring together these artists so they all will ultimately learn and benefit from each other. The fruits of the collective labour will be presented on this site, freely downloadable for anyone interested in new music. [1-/-1/2018]
Jean-Michel COINUS - Song composer Web Link
Musical creations, playback tapes, pop and movies musics with extracts, home studio, softwares translations english/french, Drôme informations (in french), compatibles TOS computers, maze game (in french). Version française disponible. Disponibile in versione italiana. [1-/-1/2018]
J.F Kogane : a songwriter ! Web Link
Bio, MP3 downloads, CDs ... all about J.F Kogane (Titif). [1-/-1/2018]
The Trance4eveR Team Web Link
Trance Music Team by Stef & MrCam self made mixs & remixs 'Open your heart and feel your mind in Trance Music' [1-/-1/2018]
Ted Warigo sweet free music shop Web Link
Listen to the music, visit the studio, download free music tools, samples, midifiles... [1-/-1/2018]
Rotax record label Web Link
French's reference in soulfull, jazzy housey deep sound [1-/-1/2018]
Discover a triphop jazz band of 5 musicians and 1 singer based in Paris. [1-/-1/2018]
Mab-x-Music:Music for Multimedia Web Link
MP3, real Audio, discover my music for multimedia applications. Alexandre Mabeix: composer, arranger, webmaster [1-/-1/2018]
x-pulse website Web Link
Quebec (montreal) electronic artist homepage [1-/-1/2018]
Tunisian Music Web Link
a folklor tunisien music in Real7 [1-/-1/2018]
Sara.H Web Link
The website of the band Sara.H [1-/-1/2018]
Scorchmusic Web Link
Site powered by - It allows to upload or see, hear and eventually buy scores in the Finale or Sibelius format. Use a special and easy Plug-in named Scortch2 [1-/-1/2018]
Syd MC Angel'site Web Link
Syd is a composer, author, arranger and guitarist. You'll find there MP3 songs, texts ans news. [1-/-1/2018]
Ritmoferoce Web Link
Sound designer.Composer for multimédia [1-/-1/2018]
Not tonight Josephine Web Link
The pop rock band Not tonight Josephine would be happy to take you home for a magic tour.. [1-/-1/2018]
My main interest : lute,cittern... Web Link
Website about luth, old guitare, théorbe. MP3 to download. [1-/-1/2018]
Sara.H Web Link
Sara.H, official website of the crossover rock band. Free mp3, agenda & pictures. Concert places, music links, download. [1-/-1/2018]
Zéphyrologie the streetband Web Link
Zéphyrologie is not a secte but an energic streetband from the West of France. 10 musicians about 24 years old Festiva jazz ( Funk, latin, ... ) nearly everywhere * some dates: Jazz festivals : Le Mans,Nantes, Vannes, Paris, Langourla, Houlgate, Montlouis, La Baule ), Rock Festivals : Les Vieilles Charrues ( Carhaix ), Cap Festival à Combs (12) ), Jeudis du Port ( Brest ), Festival de Carcassonne, Déverlante ( Vendée ) Street art festivals: FAR ( Morlaix ), Renc'arts ( Pornichet ),Tival en fête ( Kingersheim ), Festival d'Aurillac OFF Printemps des Arts ( Dortmund ) Carnavals, Animations .. We can send you our Compact disc, and press-book. Our Contacts: Productor Openprod 02 33 88 46 64 ou 06 22 33 10 09 Tour manager Dominique Massé 02 43 42 28 15 [1-/-1/2018]
Da-Mixture Web Link
 The official website of the french band [1-/-1/2018]
CloudHead Web Link
Michigan singer/songwriter Tom Wilson [1-/-1/2018]
Band of a female singer and two boys. Pop rock [1-/-1/2018]
new electro-indus french band. First album : TRAUMA [1-/-1/2018]
Xavier DUCA Web Link
 the homepage of Xavier DUCA ,a young french artist who writes rock/pop music [1-/-1/2018]
Monophonic Recordings Electronic Music Megasite Web Link
Free house & electronice music mp3 dj mixes & downloads, synthesizer database, on line manuals, programs, patches, samples, patch sheets, etc. [1-/-1/2018]
Adn34 Music web site Web Link
Adn34 Music web site [1-/-1/2018]
DJ Ryski - Epic House - Next Level Productions Web Link
DJ and Producer, DJ Ryski Official website. Streaming DJ sets, event information and cool links! [1-/-1/2018]
AD PATRES Productions Web Link
latino soul funk house rock and electro all wav and mp3 samples [1-/-1/2018]
Bhajan the official site Web Link
Bhajan, the french rock group shows off... [1-/-1/2018]
Tree-Top's Web Link
Free MP3. Techno, Dance, alternatif, ambiant... [1-/-1/2018]
Krys Dener website Web Link
Nice webpage about afrench singer. [1-/-1/2018]
A Techno Kid, Torley Wong Web Link
Orchestral Techno/Intelligent Dance Music composed by a 19-year-old similar to Aphex Twin, Robert Miles, Moby, and even Yanni where infectious melodies marry experimental technics. [1-/-1/2018]
Live art Web Link
Art gallery with a sound rubric. diffusion of some titles (streaming or download) of unknown bands [1-/-1/2018]
Welcome on Musicathem Web Link
Site dedicated to musical creations which can be yours... [1-/-1/2018]
Film music composer Web Link
Daniel deruytere compositeur de musique de films [1-/-1/2018]
Nioumusic, the luck for the new talents Web Link
This site proposes to the unknown creative artists a springboard towards the musical industry [1-/-1/2018]
Mighty Wight Productions Web Link
Programmer//producer's site with samples, synth patches, help with Cubase and MIDI and many links [1-/-1/2018]
Jenfi Home, Its studio recording in the house Web Link
The Jenfi's Home Studio's Gear: synthesizers, mixer and effects, tripothers stuff, MIDI and AUDIO sequencer, tricks and easy ways. [1-/-1/2018]
MOSCOZIC - Music & Multimedia Web Link
Fiml composer, sound design & web sites design. [1-/-1/2018]
Jean-Yves COUTON Web Link
French Lyric author home page. [1-/-1/2018]
official website by dj furax Web Link
official website by dj furax,discography,studio,link,... [1-/-1/2018]
Gust:music for internet Web Link
If you'd like to have some ambiance on your web site, we are the solution for the audio part! (Flash, every supported format) [1-/-1/2018]
vincennes concert and marching band Web Link
Wind band of 40 amateur musicians who perform indoors and outdoors concerts in the vicinity of vincennes near paris in france [1-/-1/2018]
Pascal Baudot - french composer Web Link
Frech film music composer. Excerp from the latest CD, links... [1-/-1/2018]
JazzRockLostOnWeb Web Link
For people who wants to hear Fusion Jazz HERE & NOW. This could arrive at everyone, Huh ?... and that does not wait. [1-/-1/2018]
Mariodrum Web Link
free drums lessons in french only [1-/-1/2018]
Fazz Web Link
Jazz-fusion french band [1-/-1/2018]
Yvon Mars Web Link
Music blues and studio's in belgium [1-/-1/2018]
creationa site of musiquale creation to several Net surfers [1-/-1/2018]
alphatester Web Link
 A new collective and also a label from Paris. Techno and folk/pop music [1-/-1/2018]
Anti Boring System Web Link
Funk band against daily stress [1-/-1/2018]
synopsound Web Link
musical designer for multimedia,composer,sound designer,drummer [1-/-1/2018]
Acoustic music Web Link
Celtic guitar and bouzouki.Tablatures + mp3.videos clips [1-/-1/2018]
MAO feelings Web Link
 Personal MP3 musics to listen on line [1-/-1/2018]
Zine and The Quincaille Web Link
 official site of Zine and The Quincaille, protest singer, style "chanson française", living songs [1-/-1/2018]
Addy & Cam Web Link
Free songs crossover jazz/pop/hiphop Hot melodies, cool grooves, great trumpet [1-/-1/2018]
Venja Music Web Link
Site of the composer VENJA. All information you'll need, pre-listening in MP3 and Real Audio. Ambient music, electronic and space music. [1-/-1/2018]
Champo sings Web Link
Champo is a singer-songwriter from sunny Riviera in France. [1-/-1/2018]
Hervé GILLES compositeur Web Link
Listen to this progresssive music between Tony Banks and Kurt Weill...Midifiles, mp3, realaudio. [1-/-1/2018]
PF&MAC'Site Web Link
Personal music page. [1-/-1/2018]
Music from Gridlocked Web Link
Check this site out for a didge being used as a beat box!! [1-/-1/2018]
TEXTO Web Link
Texto home site. [1-/-1/2018]
ZETA RETICULIS music composer Web Link
Discover musical creations of Zeta Reticulis (mp3 samples). From trip hop to electro pop. [1-/-1/2018]
Claude Borne's site Web Link
Music coposer web site [1-/-1/2018]
SKALL Web Link
DEATH metal fromCOLMAR [1-/-1/2018]
Thierry Meyer Compositor Web Link
Personal page of a french composer. Samples to listen (mp3 and real) [1-/-1/2018] Web Link
Composer Website [1-/-1/2018]
PROXIMA is back Web Link
Who's that techno group? [1-/-1/2018]
DJ Maurice Noah Web Link
Original house and techno-trance mp3s, dj sets in real audio. [1-/-1/2018]
Proxima Web Link
Proxima is a French Techno Group. Mp3s, Home studio pictures, CD covers. [1-/-1/2018]
Speed Garage Central Web Link
Speed Garage Central - Information about speed garage / Record Reviews / History / Record Store Links [1-/-1/2018]
Wendigo, Melodic-Pop-Rock Band Web Link
Listen to some short cuts of the CD 'Eyes on your heels' from the melodic pop rock band Wendigo. [1-/-1/2018]
AKFunLeKpun Web Link
Mix (cpu/live) free sound, ToxicKore, UrbanTekno, HardTek, BigBeat ,....mp3, Samples +++ [1-/-1/2018]
Cameroun Rap sites Web Link
Many group of rap in cameroon. [1-/-1/2018]
Digital Audio expert- MIDI cian Web Link
A resume in motion and a MP3 link for a MIDI musical journey never done before. [1-/-1/2018]
melatonine Web Link
french (post?) rock band from France. [1-/-1/2018] Web Link - Music, News, Mp3's, Promote your own music online for free, and MUCH MUCH MORE!! [1-/-1/2018]
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