Sound editing with onboard synth LCD display is often difficult. Using a PC editor, you can have all the Graphical User Interface power for parameters editing and librarian functions.
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Synth Editors Web Link
A very complete page about freeware and shareware synth editors. [5-/-0/2018]
CanvasMan Web Link
CanvasMan32 is a Power Jam editor/librarian for Roland's line of Sound Canvas GS synthesizers. CanvasMan32 can play your MIDI files as you edit, so you can hear your changes in real time. It can also export its patches to sequencers like Cakewalk. Supports over 35 Roland synths. [5-/-0/2018]
Everest MA1 editor Web Link $ 35
Everest is a shareware patch editor for the Kurzweil MA-1 chip (Turtle Beach Pinnacle, etc...). The software is freely distributable, but requires registration to remove the nag screens and to have save ability. [5-/-0/2018]
Midi Editor Web Link
A Shareware editor for ALESIS QuadraVerb - D4, CASIO CZ-1 - CZ-101 / 1000 - CZ-230S - CZ3000 / 5000, EMU ProCussion - Proteus 1 - Proteus XR/1 - Proteus 2 - Morpheus, KAWAI K1 - K4 - R100 - XD5 , KORG DW8000 / EX8000 - M1 - T1 - WS50 & A/D - M3R - 05R/W , ROLAND D10 - D50 - D70 - JD800 - JD990 - Juno 1 / 2 - MKS50 - JV1080 - JV80 - JX8-P - MT32 - R8-M - SE50 - Super Jupiter - U20 / U220 SEQuENTIAL CIRCUITS Prophet 600 - Prophet Vs - Six Tracks, YAMAHA DX100 - DX7 - RX11 - SPX90 - SY55 / TG55 - SY77 / TG77 - TG33 - TX7 - TX802 - TX81Z [5-/-0/2018]
MIDI Editor Web Link
MIDI Editor is the most powerfull MIDI manager ever made! A revolution in the world of MIDI (System Exclusive) communication! Designed to work with any MIDI device: just enter the parameters of your device, plug in the MIDI cables, and there you go... You can even design your own edition windows! Two help files are available (english and french version). Numerous presets are furnished for Alesis, Casio, E-mu, Kawai, Korg, Roland, Sequential, Yamaha... [5-/-0/2018]
DX7 Editor Web Link
DX7 Editor is a shareware Yamaha DX7 dedicated editor built with Universal MIDI Editor. [5-/-0/2018]
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